Step 5 – Add Income Streams

Trust me, when you realise how easy it is to build passive income by using a site just like this one you will soon be adding income streams to your plan.  This is where you get to personalise your earning plan, and this website too.

Here are a couple of really great extra income streams that I am happy to recommend:

My Passive Trades

Starting with just a $5 package you can start building an income stream in Bitcoin.  Unlike many similar sites like this the trades that are completed to provide you with income are shown.  You can also learn how to trade for yourself on this site too.

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Four Corners

This is a great site that provides a lot of how to work online type information.  You can sell the information guides, use them for yourself or just look at them when you feel like it.  They are full of high quality information.

In addition you can build a high level passive income here via team building.

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