How Working Online Helps My Mental Health?

In 2016 I was, like many people, working in a job that really wasn’t very good for my health. The job was working for HMRC which was stressful and had to be able to multi-task and switch from one thing to another rapidly. It just made my anxiety go sky high, and I couldn’t cope so in turn my Fibromyalgia symptoms worsened as a result.

What I Did Next

I thought to myself I cannot cope with this situation anymore, so I quit the job and for 2 years was in a deep depression and really unwell. Fast forward to the present day in 2022, I am now much happier, I have a freelance calling job that suits me and I am utilizing my Marketing skills to hopefully become financially free 🙂 Yes, I get days where my illness sets me back, but I can cope much better. Thanks to my good friend Ellie for suggesting I get back into writing again, which I love as my creative outlet.

Was it easy? Heck no, but I am so strong-willed and will not be defeated.

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet into my life. Love to you all.

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