3 Things I Love about LeadsLeap

Page Manager

One of the main benefits of the page manager is I can create my own pages for various campaigns and personalise them.

I also really like the fact that you can import pages that other people have created, just by using a code!


The benefit of the autoresponder is I can capture name and email addresses of people interested in my opportunity to build a relationship with them.

Pro Membership

The Pro Membership is $27 per month, but with that you get a full marketing system ready to start earning online. I have made good commissions so far and built a team of followers of 590. See the stats below!

Click here to join LeadsLeap and start your journey today. Also see my Youtube review of the program here.

See you there!

Dorit xx


  1. Hi Dorit, great post! Totally agree with you about LeadsLeap, it’s definitely my favorite program; you get so much from it whether you’re a free or pro member!

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